Sentimental items are the hardest category to tackle because these items have emotional attachments. These items, have deep meaning mainly pertaining to family, memories and huge life milestones.

It will not be easy dealing with sentimental items and you may want to keep all of them. But just like everything else, you shouldn’t let these items have a hold on you or your life. You should go through the same process as everything else and see if you can get rid of any of these items.

Tips for Dealing with Sentimental items

Here are some tips for dealing with sentimental items and some tips on letting some of these items go:

⬜ Save these items for last since this will be hard.
⬜ Give yourself some time and slowly go through them. Let yourself process the memories.
⬜ Keep only the items that are most important to YOU (not anyone else).
⬜ Digitize as much as possible. Scan letters and cards. Take pictures of objects.

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