Kitchen gadgets are a problem. There are whole stores dedicated to these little items that claim to make cooking easier. Sometimes, they make things more complicated!

If you own any kitchen gadgets, really ask yourself if you’re using them. Then ask yourself if it’s really saving you time by using it.

Other areas of the kitchen that should be addressed are the pots and pans phenomenon. Why do we have several sets of pots and pans? You can’t possibly use them all at once with just one stove. And how many baking sheets do you need? Or casserole dishes?

Except from the Simply Minimal book.

Kitchen Items to Get Rid Of

⬜ More than two sets of dishes per person.
⬜ The extra silverware you don’t need.
⬜ Appliances that haven’t been used in 6 months.
⬜ Items collecting dust in the deep depths of the cupboards.
⬜ Junk drawer items.
⬜ Holiday themes dishes. Think about it: you only use them once a year!
⬜ Gadgets that are not useful.
⬜ Duplicates.

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