Nowadays it’s really hard to get our nose out of our phones. I get it. It’s a wonderful miraculous thing that has come to our world. Everything is on the screen. Everything that we ever wondered is just a search away. It’s literally all in the palm of our hands in our smartphones.

But constantly having our phones in our noses can be impactful to our lives. We can miss out on moments. We can miss out on the beauty of nature. If you’re walking somewhere you can now see everyone walking with their heads bent down to their phones. They don’t even look at the sky anymore.

Entertainment Without an Internet Connection

I challenge you to go one day without the internet. Here is what you can do instead:

⬜ Read a book that isn’t an ebook.
⬜ Go for a walk.
⬜ Play with your kids.
⬜ Play with your pets.
⬜ Go outside and have a cook-off.
⬜ Have a bake-a-thon
⬜ Create crafts and puzzles.

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