Exercise depends on you. If you love to exercise and want to do it for hours every day, go for it! You’re great. If you don’t particularly love exercising, you can use minimalism to exercise regularly and stay healthy.

Minimalist Workouts

⬜ Walking. Walking can be enjoyed with a friend, with a pup or with an awesome podcast. Walk for charity with Charity Miles.
⬜ Jump roping. Bring back the childhood days, or warm-up like a boxer by buying a jump-rope.
⬜ Yoga. There are so many free yoga workout videos on YouTube. You just need a soft place for posing.
⬜ Interval Training. This can be in any activity really, but my favorite is running with the Zombies Run! App.
⬜ Dancing. Plenty of dancing workout videos are on YouTube or you can do it old-fashioned by playing music and diving right in.
⬜ Strength training with body weight. Not particularly fun, but creating a workout, strength training routine without equipment, can get you into shape quicker with shorter workouts.
⬜ Hiking. Picking a beautiful park and just go enjoy.
⬜ Biking. Investing in a bike can be fun! You can get around faster than walking and you might be able to commute to work or the grocery store and save on gas!

Those are some of my exercise ideas that are minimal. It is recommended that you get 90 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 40 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise a day.

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