Distractions are bad because we use them to procrastinate, to pacify ourselves. Distractions can take us away from important tasks and make us lose our focus.

Distractions are a waste of time. Not only do they make you waste hours doing them, but they can make the task at hand take twice as long. For example, if you’re trying to work and you keep getting distracted by scrolling through Facebook, something that should have taken an hour now takes all day. You’re choosing to procrastinate by focusing on a distraction.

We can use distractions as pacifiers or fill a void within ourselves. One example is the Netflix Binge. People are very open to admitting that they love to binge-watch shows on Netflix. I have done it myself. But, this is one big distraction that is taking away hours and hours from our lives. I started watching Netflix when I felt stressed about money. Watching the shows was a pacifier to me. So, I could ignore my problems for a few hours or days.

But, that’s not a good thing to do. We can’t run away from our problems or our to-do lists. I’m going to give you some tips on how to limit distractions.

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Ways to Limit Distractions

⬜ Delete social media apps off of your phone.
⬜ Turn off all notifications from your devices.
⬜ Create a routine with schedule entertainment and relaxing time.
⬜ Shut down email and schedule times to check it.
⬜ Remove clutter from your work/personal space.

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