Collections are an issue. They add to clutter. They take up space and they are usually not used. They usually just sit there and collect dust. Some collections are displayed, but most are stored. With bigger collections, you need to have more space dedicated to it. Space that now cannot be used for something useful.

If you are not actively using the collections, if they are not providing any value to you and if you don’t absolutely love them enough that you will display them, you should think about getting rid of them. Collections are okay if they are giving you value. Just keep the number of different collections to a minimum and make sure every item is used or loved.

Except from the Simply Minimal book.

Questions to Ask Yourself for Keeping Collections

⬜ Am I hiding the collection in boxes, closets, attics, ect?
⬜ Is it giving me a lot of joy and entertainment?
⬜ Am I okay with the amount?
⬜ Can I deal with the opportunity cost (space, times to care for it, money)?
⬜ Do I truly love and value it?

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