These days our calendars are filled to the point where there’s no time left to spare for ourselves. Every day it’s a party here. A gathering there. And we accept all of them. We say yes to all. And we mark it down on our calendars. However, we accept too much. Our calendars are overfilled with invites and commitments and responsibilities. Not only are we accepting the social gatherings on top of our work commitments and family obligations, we are accepting these invites over our personal time.

Ways to Free Up Time

⬜ Only accept social invites if you truly want to attend and not because you feel obligated to go.
⬜ If there are responsibilities that are causing you stress, stop them if possible.
⬜ Stop doing things for others and do things for yourself.
⬜ Schedule in free time and treat as if it’s a doctor’s appointment.

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