Simply Minimal Life | Katelyn Cresmer

Simply Minimal Book CoverMost of us are stressed, busy, unhappy, unhealthy, in debt and have absolutely no time for ourselves or our passions.

This book exists to help you create the life you want by getting rid of all the unimportant things that are holding you back. We all want stress-free lives. But, there is clutter, habits and a mindset that is working against you to stop leading the life you want to live.

These can all be improved, and your live can be full of meaning and freedom.

This book will show you how.


About Katelyn

Katelyn is a twenty-something year old entrepreneur, photographer and the author of Save Money and Simply Minimal.

In February 2014 after hoarding all her possessions since before she was born including homework from elementary school and trinkets from her own baby shower, she had dreams of ditching everything and living in a tiny space.

After finding the world of minimalism, she quickly became a minimalist and started ditching all her possessions she once treasured.

Since giving up the items that were holding her back, she used minimalism to declutter other parts of her life including money, relationships and mental clutter. She now has the freedom to work for herself, travel and live how she pleases.

Katelyn is passionate about creativity and helping people. She is married with 4 cats and a rabbit.